ROOMS AND MORE DESIGN LTD prepares preliminary space plan options to demonstrate how the functional requirements can be best tailored into a renovated space or into completely a new space .

Interior Redesign service is a smart, accessible and sustainable approach to traditional interior design using what you already have and love. Drawing on interior design principles, ROOMS AND MORE DESIGN LTD offers instant solutions by creatively and thoughtfully rearranging the existing furniture and decor by creating a stylistic concept taking the user’s profile into consideration

ROOMS AND MORE DESIGN LTD offers and practices many architectural styles for commercial spaces such as cafes, pubs, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, clinics or any kind of commercial displays.

Elegant and stylish furniture can be designed to complement the concept of the space.

ROOMS AND MORE DESIGN LTD. will provide professional restoration design services to residential and commercial properties. This service ensures that architectural objects of historical and cultural value are preserved and repaired with scientific and correct methods and transferred to the future. ROOMS AND MORE DESIGN LTD. aims to provide services in the field of conservation and restoration of natural and cultural assets.

  • : This service is based on meeting the needs of commercial or residential customers who are in need of refurbishment,renovation and repair by means of our reputable teams and subcontractors.


  • Window Replacement and Installation
  • Roof replacement and Roofing Installation
  • Interior Painting
  • Landscape Design
  • Interior Painting
  • Tile Installation
  • Light Installation
  • Home Additions
  • Electrical Installation
  • Furniture Refinishing
  • Plumbing Installation

ROOMS AND MORE DESIGN LTD offers a full range of lighting designs tailored to suit each project’s particular needs such as comprehensive interior and exterior lighting design and documentation, day lighting design, lighting energy analysis, light predictive renderings, comprehensive control strategies, and LEED certification documentation services.

Fairs are one of the most important communication tools of the companies therefore ROOMS AND MORE DESIGN LTD understands the importance of exhibition stand design and knows that this issue should be handled with the integrity of graphics and visualization within a perception of space.

This service includes all of a company’s visual aspects and design elements, reaching from logos to social media assets and stationery. Brand image is instantly recognizable due to a strong corporate identity, and this creates a lasting impression for customers.

ROOMS AND MORE DESIGN LTD. will provide top quality 3D interior visualization services for clients who are based in every corner of UK. We offer design services for a wide range of clients-ranging from home owners to commercial space owners by making use of the latest tools and technology in order to catch the desired quality.

  • Paint Colour Consultation: this service is aiming at providing the costumers with the right choice for matching up the colours with their effects on the people within a creative concept.. ROOMS AND MORE DESIGN LTD. It will advise its customers on the selection of paint and help them make the right decision.
  • Furniture & Accessory Selections: Furniture & Accessory Selections service is a furniture and home decor service designed specifically for clients. ROOMS AND MORE DESIGN LTD. will help you to get rid of the confusion in your mind by assisting you to select beautiful and elegant ornaments and furniture for your dream homes.
  • Window Treatments : This service includes topics for detailing and applying material selections for window and joinery in accordance with the needs of the customer, ROOMS AND MORE DESIGN LTD. will help you to select the most suitable and most useful material for the relevant space.
  • Purchasing, Procurement, & Installation: this service covers a full service of supplying the customers with their needs in design or refurbishment and implementation of each of them neatly.